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Early Victorian Silver Threepence Earrings Engraved Solomon's Seal 1840s Antique

A very pretty and wearable pair of antique earrings that have been made from antique Victorian silver threepence coins. The coins date from the 1840s and feature the young head of Queen Victoria on one side and have been decorated with engraving on the other. When antique coins have been engraved like this, they are often referred to as love tokens.  

The coins are 16 mm in diameter and have been very skilfully engraved with the overlapping two triangles six-sided star, similar to the Star of David but known as the Seal of Solomon. The seal originates in Jewish tradition from the Ring of Solomon of Israel. However, it can also be found in later Islamic and Western occultism, as both of these adopted it from Jewish tradition. As a symbol, it is still in use today and is said to protect the wearer from negative influences and evil spirits. 

The earrings have silver ear hooks and have an overall drop of approximately 1 inch or 2.5 cm. They are in very good order and ready to wear. Please see my other antique jewellery listed for sale this week including more silver.

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