Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Crowned Buddha Figure Bhumisparsa Mudra Antique 18th C Shan (Tai Yai)states Flying Ribbon Headdress Overall Height 30.8 cm

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front view main
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close up headdress
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close up left hand head dress

Burmese Bronze Jambhupati Crowned Buddha Figure Bhumisparsa Mudra Antique 18th C Shan (Tai Yai)states Flying Ribbon Headdress Overall Height 30.8 cm

A Burmese (Myanmar), possibly Shan (Tai Yai) states, cast bronze figure of a seated figure of Jambupati Buddha. He is depicted seated cross legged on a waisted double lotus throne in bhumisparsa mudra, (calling the earth to witness) and is wearing the robes and crown of a monarch. The headdress is especially ornate, the flying-ribbon convention has been given an alternative elaborate treatment. There are nice features to this figurine such as his elongated earlobes and the sash on his back over his left shoulder. A beautiful antique bronze dating to the 18th century.

Buddha figures such as this, on offer here, dressed in the robes of a contemporary Burmese monarch, are called Jambupati Buddhas. This relates to a legend, found both in Burma and Thailand, in which the unbelieving Indian king Jambupati was overawed by the Buddha. By appearing in magnificent royal robes, the Buddha demonstrated his great power and converted the king.

The ‘calling the earth to witness’ pose, refers to the occasion when the Buddha, seated in meditation under the Bodhi tree on the evening before his enlightenment, is challenged by the demon Mara to prove that he had given alms. The Buddha touched the ground with his right hand and asked the earth to bear witness to his past good deeds.

This antique bronze figure is in very good antique condition . The figurine has been re-gilded in the distant past, as there are traces of the original gilding on the ribbon where the later application has flaked off. Also some of the holes to the ribbon have been covered over. Some of the definition is obscured by the re-gilding, which could be removed if so desired. There is a bend to the tip of his headdress and crown, a stress fracture to the middle of the lotus throne right of the base. Where the gilding has flaked the bronze has a deep patina.

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Overall height 12 1/8 inches ( 30.8 cm)
Depth 2 7/8 inches ( 7.3 cm)
Width 4 1/4 inches ( 10.7 cm)
Weight 1220 grammes unpacked


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Victoria and Albert Museum no. IS.41-1994 [14/06/2011]

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