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Edwardian Silver Plated Ribbed New Oval Shaped Tea Service by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company 3 Piece Engraved Crest for Heriot antique circa 1905

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company

Edwardian Silver Plated Ribbed New Oval Shaped Tea Service by Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company 3 Piece Engraved Crest for Heriot antique circa 1905

A lovely quality and elegant, antique, Edwardian silver plated tea service dating from circa 1905. This is a very stylish looking three piece tea service comprising tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl. The items are all in a very classic ribbed "new" oval shape similar to that seen in Regency ceramics in the early 19th century from around 1810 to 1815.  They bear the maker's mark of Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company of 112 Regent Street London, England, and their trademark name Regent Plate.

The set is oval in shape and have ribbed lower bodies and an interesting engraved crest decoration on each item.The teapot has a straightish S shaped spout with ribbing to the lower base, and a flattened shoulder on the body, ribbed oval domed shaped lid with turned round shaped wooden knob and carved number 7 shaped wooden handle. 

Each item is engraved with the crest or blazon a straight wreath and a dexter hand couped at the wrist, which holds a laurel wreath aloft; below which is the motto on a ribbon banner : FORTEM POSCE ANIMUM; which has been translated as "Pray for a brave soul” alternatively pray for a strong will (Juvenal) with a meaning of 'Courage to Challenge Life'. The hand holding the laurel leaves is symbolic of the spirit’s triumph over adversity.

The arms have been identified as those of John Charles Alison Heriot (1861-c.1928) (ref .1).The arms were originally designed for a bookplate by Graham Johnston, who was well-renowned as Herald Painter to the Lyon Court of Scotland and for his work illustrating, 'A Complete Guide to Heraldry,' by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies. The designs were submitted to Court of the Lord Lyon, Edinburgh, Scotland, 29 April 1905. Presumably the set will date from around this time.

John Charles Alison Heriot Born 3 December 1861 in Georgeville, Québec in Canada. >After obtaining his degree at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, Heriot practiced architecture in New York and later in Montreal. Upon his return to Canada in 1893, he established an architecture firm with Alexander Francis Dunlop, and later with Donald Norman MacVicar. The firm of MacVicar and Heriot was responsible for the design of many Montreal buildings, including the Caron Building, Guy-Drummond School, Academie Strathcona and the Temple Baptist Church. Heriot was a member of the 1st Prince of Wales Fusiliers and served as militia captain. He had a strong interest in family history and heraldry. He was the Secretary of the Heraldic Committee of the Antiquarian and Numismatic Society of Montreal, and a member of the Art Association of Montreal and the Arts Club of Montreal. The John Charles Alison Heriot fonds is located at the McCord Museum of Canadian History in Montreal, and reportedly contains correspondence with government officials, A.G. Doughty, Joseph Pope and others, regarding heraldry and the proposed Canadian coat of arms. 

This antique silver plated tea set is in good antique condition with a little wear and marking to the plate, the teapot which appears to have been well used has a couple of small dents to the back. Please see the images.  

This is a very attractive antique tea set which will be of interest to Canadian Historians as well as collectors of silver plate or anyone with the name Heriot. It is a very decorative set for either display or use.




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Tea pot- 
Height: 17 cm - 6.75”
Length: 26 cm - 10.25”
Width: 12 cm - 4.75”

Height: 8.7 cm - 3.5 ”
length: 16.5 cm - 6.5"

Height: 9.6 cm - 3.75”
length: 12 cm - 4.75”

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