Old Paris Porcelain

French Old Paris Porcelain Medici Shape Vase Chinoiserie Jewelled Antique c 1830

Antique French Old Paris Porcelain Medici Shape Vase Chinoiserie Faux Jewelled Bourbon Restoration circa 1830Sold
Old Paris Porcelain

French Old Paris Porcelain Medici Shape Vase Chinoiserie Jewelled Antique c 1830

An Old Paris porcelain ( Vieux Paris porcelaine ) hand painted Chinoiserie scene vase on a gilded brass metal foot and stem. The vase is of a flaring trumpet do-decagon (12 sided) shape painted with pink and green ground colours. Some collectors may refer to this vase shape as Medici shape.

The vase has a gilded rim that is has fan shaped serrations. The bottom of the vase has two gilded mask head handles to the sides. The remaining ten facets each have a long oval faux gemstone settings, each realistically painted in different bright colours, these are set off by the deep green ground colour. 

There are round cartouches outlined in burgundy to the front and back. One has been reserved and has a poly-chrome a garden scene with a figure of a Chinese man who appears to be playing "Battledore and Shuttlecock" (Badminton) or "jeu de volant". The other side has a green silhouette of a palm tree, rocks and shrubs with traces of gilding, all against the pink ground colour. The space between these cartouches is painted with poly-chrome flowers that resemble Fuschias.

The partially gilded brass metal foot, is most probably a replacement. It originally would have had a plinth probably a cube shaped porcelain base or socle, however it is still a very attractive item.

This vase dates from circa 1830, late George IV to William IV period in the UK and Charles X to Louis Phillippe in France during the Bourbon Restoration period of the early 19th century.

It may possibly have been made by Darte Freres of Palais Royal who are known to have produced items with the green silhouette Chinoiserie scenes; however, some collectors may consider it to be painted in the style of Jacob Petit aka Jacob Mardoché (1797- 1868) the renowned Paris Porcelain manufacturer. It is certainly French early to mid 19th century Old Paris porcelain and a beautiful decorative item.

It is in fair antique condition. The base as we have already stated is probably a replacement. The tops of the handles have been broken off, although this is not immediately obvious. There is a chip to the tip of one of the serrated rim points. The gilding has some wear and there is some minor rubbing to the enameling.  Please see the images.

This is a lovely  item for any collector of French early 19th century (  xixe siècle ) porcelain.

Overall Height 8 3/8 inches ( 21.3 cm)
Rim diameter 5 1/4 inches ( 13.3 cm)
Base Diameter 2 3/4 inches ( 7 cm)
Weight 786 grammes unpacked.

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