Georgian Air Twist Wine Glass Goblet Corkscrew Cable Antique c 1750

Antique Georgian air twist wine glass or goblet with a corkscrew single series cable twist stem trumpet bowl and conical foot with snapped pontil c 1750

Georgian Air Twist Wine Glass Goblet Corkscrew Cable Antique c 1750

A beautiful antique Georgian air twist stem wine glass or goblet with a trumpet bowl on a conical foot with snapped pontil. The air twist is a single series spiral cable or gauze, some collectors refer to this as a corkscrew. The air twist consists of approximately eighteen individual air bubble strands. The density of the bubble strands has a similar effect to that of the mercury twists, this classification is usually a flat rectangular section bubble however, a number of collectors and dealers do refer to glasses such as this as a Mercury twist. Unfortunately there is no ISO standard for the classification of antiques so terminology can vary between collectors and dealers! This glass dates to the mid 18th century around 1750, George II was on the throne in the UK when this glass was made. 

The glass has a trumpet  bowl and has been made in three sections, the air twist stem, the trumpet bowl and plain conical foot which has a rough or snapped pontil. This is a lovely quality clear lead glass, it rings when flicked with a finger.

It is in excellent condition with no chips cracks nor restoration. There are signs of tooling marks and some bubble inclusions in the body of the metal and some very minor scratches or marks to the bowl and wear to the underside of the foot rim, commensurate with age and use.

Capacity 125 ml (0.9 Gill) 4.39 fl Oz
Height  7 3/8 inches ( 18.8 cm)
Bowl Diameter 3 1/8 inches ( 7.8 cm)
Foot Diameter 3 7/16 inches ( 8.8 cm)
Weight 171 grammes unpacked

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