Georgian Firing Foot Dram Glass Antique Whisky or Shot Jigger glass c 1750

Antique Georgian Firing Foot Dram Glass Whisky or shot Jigger glass circa 1750

Georgian Firing Foot Dram Glass Antique Whisky or Shot Jigger glass c 1750

A Georgian blown firing foot dram glass with a thick flanged foot dating from the mid 18th century circa 1750. George II was on the throne in the UK when this glass was made, possibly in Stourbridge, Shropshire, England. A Georgian period firing glass gets its name from the the noise made from the users banging their glasses on a table top during a toast, the sound was not unlike a of a volley of musket fire. 

The glass has a drawn round bowl on a short thick stem with a thick plain disc firing foot about 1/4 inch ( 6 mm) thick to withstand the rough treatment of banging on a table! It has a snapped or rough pontil with some black coloured inclusions within the pontil mark.

This is a great glass and excellent from which to sip a dram. It comfortably holds 1 1/2 fluid ounces or an old British measure of a "Jigger". A good single malt always tastes so much better when drunk from an antique glass such as this.

This antique drinking glass is in good antique condition with no cracks nor restoration, it has a minuscule flake nick to the rim, please see the images. There are signs of tooling marks and some bubble inclusions in the body of the metal. Inclusions within the rough pontil.

This glass along with the others, which are being sold separately, shown in one of the images are a part of our personal collection that we have listed for sale. This glass is great for use or for a collector of dram glasses or spirits glasses, Georgian glass or items with a link to whisky.

Maximum capacity  <50 ml  ~ 1.5 fl oz
Height  3 1/4 inches ( 8.2 cm)
Foot Diameter 2 1/8 inches ( 5.4 cm )
Bowl Diameter  1 3/4 inches ( 4.5 cm)
Weight 95 grammes unpacked

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