Georgian Petal Moulded Glass Rummer Engraved Thistles Swags Antique c 1800

Antique Georgian petal moulded glass rummer engraved thistles and swags barrel bowl blade knop stem and plain conical foot circa 1800.

Georgian Petal Moulded Glass Rummer Engraved Thistles Swags Antique c 1800

A beautiful antique Georgian mouth blown and petal moulded rummer with wheel cut engraved thistle and swags decoration. This glass dates to the early 19th century around 1800, George III was on the throne in the UK when this glass was made. It is most probably Scottish in origin.

The glass has a general barrel shaped bowl with the lower half having twelve distinctly moulded petals. Being a hand made item these petals are not  all even in height, one side being gradually higher than the other. The one and a half inch long stem has a central blade knop. and is sat on a plain conical foot which is marginally ovoid. The base has a snapped or rough pontil. 

This is a nice quality glass and has the distinctive slightly greyish hue of antique lead glass. It rings beautifully when flicked with a finger.

It is in excellent condition with no chips cracks nor restoration. There are signs of tooling marks and some bubble inclusions in the body of the metal. 

This glass along with the others, which are being sold separately, shown in one of the images are a part of our personal collection that we have listed for sale. This glass is great for use or for a collector of rummers, Georgian glass or items with a link to Scotland.

Capacity 1/2 pint ( 300 ml )
Height  5 1/8 inches ( 13 cm)
Diameter 3 1/2 inches ( 9 cm)
Weight 270 grammes unpacked

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