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Japanese Hirado Porcelain Tea bowl or Sake Cup Edo Zoshuntei Sanpo c 1860

An antique Japanese Hirado porcelain tea bowl or sake cup decorated in under glaze blue and overglaze enamel and gilding with a flowers and grasses pattern. The body is ribbed and the rim scalloped made in the late Edo period marked Zoshuntei Sanpo Zo circa 1860Click the image to enlarge

Japanese Hirado Porcelain Tea bowl or Sake Cup Edo Zoshuntei Sanpo c 1860

A Japanese Hirado porcelain ribbed and scalloped rim blue and white porcelain tea bowl or sake cup with hand painted enamelled and gilded detail of grasses and flowers in an imitation and homage to the early 18th century Chinese Kangxi period porcelain of (1662-1722). 

The body has been moulded with ribs and there are unused cartouches within the  moulding. The inside of the base has a  hand painted Oriental garden scene with hollow blue rocks.

This cup is decorated in blue and white and is marked underneath with a six character kanji mark 'Zoshuntei Sanpo zo' 蔵春亭三保造. This was an early company name or trademark, in use between 1842 to 1870.  means "Zoshun (shop) Sanpo Made (made by Sanpo). Dating from the late Edo period (江戸時代, Edo jidai) or Tokugawa period (徳川時代, Tokugawa jidai)

The owner of the company was Hisatomi Yojibei Masatsune who as one of the first potters in the area of Arita and Mikawachi was granted an export permit by the Lord of the Arita Han Lord Nabeshima Naomasa (1814-1871) in 1842. This was also the first time it was allowed to put a signature on pieces exported from Arita, other than Fuku (Happiness) or various copies of Chinese reign marks.  The item originates from the kilns of Mikawachi  on the island of Hirado, Hizen province, now in Nagasaki prefecture of Japan. 

This is a great example of  good quality antique Japanese export porcelain from the mid 19th century dating from around 1860 during the late Edo to early Meiji period. 

The tea bowl is 3 1/4 inches (8.3 cm) diameter and 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) high, it weighs 55 grammes unpacked

It is in excellent antique condition with some very minor rubbing to the gilding. Please see the images.

Free UK postage, international postage at cost.


Hirado: Prince of Porcelains by Louis Lawrence appendix 6 number 97 page 164.

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