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Japanese Satsuma Pottery Dragon Immortals Vase Jinzan 仁山 Antique Meiji

Antique Japanese Satsuma Pottery Dragon Vase Hand Painted Immortals signed on the base by Jinzan 仁山 Meiji period circa 1900Click the image to enlarge

Japanese Satsuma Pottery Dragon Immortals Vase Jinzan 仁山 Antique Meiji

An antique Japanese Satsuma pottery ( 薩摩焼 Satsuma-yaki ) high relief dragon vase, hand painted with a continuous scene with six seated Japanese Immortals and two servants. The immortals are easily distinguishable as they each have a halo around their heads.

The vase which is of a baluster form has a body which has been hand painted with poly chrome enamels and gilding. The figures, particularly the immortals faces, have been finely painted and gilded. This antique vase dates from the late 19th to early 20th century circa 1900 during the Meiji period (1868-1912). 

We think that the Immortals depicted here are: 

Lü Dongbin (呂洞賓), a scholar and poet considered to be the leader of the immortals, seated below the head of the dragon. Li Tieguai (李鐵拐), to the right of Lu Dongbin, identified by his iron crutch and Calabash bottle. Zhang Guolao (張果老), sat to the left.

He Xiangu (何仙姑), she is sat holding a scroll in the centre between the other three. To her left is Cao Guojiu (曹國舅), reading a scroll and Zhongli Quan (鍾離權), associated with death and the power to create silver and gold.

This highly collectable and very decorative antique Japanese pottery vase has a high relief gilded dragon wrapped around the shoulder.  Both the neck and foot of the vase are decorated with an iron red, black and gilded band incorporating a geometric pattern and the shoulder is decorated with a brocade pattern.

The base of the vase is marked with the Shimazu ( 島津 ) family crest or mon of a cross with a circle. This clan or family originally ruled the Satsuma province. Below the mon is a gilded mark in an iron red square. The mark for the artist 'Jinzan' 仁山.

Satsuma ware was made in the Satsuma Province ( 薩摩国 Satsuma-no Kuni ) which was an old province of Japan that is now the western half of Kagoshima Prefecture on the island of Kyūshū  in Japan. In the Meiji period a number of regions made similar articles in the Satsuma pottery style. This item is Japanese Satsuma export pottery ( 京薩摩 Kyō-Satsuma ).

The vase is approximately 5 1/4 inches ( 13 cm) high,  3 inches ( 7.5 cm) diameter. It  weighs a total of 191 grammes unpacked.

It is in excellent antique condition, the body has the usual crazing to the glaze. There are no chips cracks nor restoration. There is some wear to the gilding particularly on the dragon  Please see the images. 

This is a highly collectable and decorative item and great for display on its own or as part of a collection antique Japanese pottery or Satsuma-yaki from a distinguished and highly collected artist.

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