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Large Japanese Hizen Porcelain Vase & Cover Zoshuntei Antique 19th C

A large antique Japanese Hizen porcelain vase and cover marked Zoshuntei Saiho. Decorated in hand painted enamels with two large Japanese folding fans each painted with a colourful Asiatic Pheasant flying over a Japanese Acer.  This antique temple vase and cover dates from the mid 19th century circa 1860.Click the image to enlarge

Large Japanese Hizen Porcelain Vase & Cover Zoshuntei Antique 19th C

A beautifully hand painted, profusely decorated, ornate and collectable antique Japanese Hizen export porcelain vase and cover dating from the mid 19th century during the Edo period. The vase is of a tapering ovoid form or wine jar shape with a high domed flanged lid that has a button shaped finial.

The vase and cover have each been painted in over glaze enamels or Iro-e Jiki (色絵磁器) in iron red, peach, shades of green, blue, and pink with gilding over the reserved white ground. The main design is painted on both front and back of the body of the vase with two large Japanese folding fans each painted with a colourful Asiatic Pheasant flying over a Japanese Acer or Maple Tree (Acer palmatum or Osakazuki). The sides of the vase also have smaller fans painted on them decorated with Chrysanthemum flowers and leaves. There are four small lotus leaf or waterlily leaf shaped reserved cartouches, two painted with landscape and two with leave and flower stems. 

The remaining space between the cartouches is filled with stylised peony scrolls on an iron red ground, which some collectors may refer to as vine arabesque, and diaper filled lozenge shapes. The base has lotus petal border and cloud scrolls to the neck. The lid is painted in a similar manner to the body but with a scaled down version to fit the available space.

This type of ware is often termed in the west as Imari ware or Imari-yaki (伊万里焼), also Arita ware or Arita-yaki (有田焼) as these were the ports at which items such as this were exported. This ware was traditionally made around Arita in the former Hizen Province, (now the Saga prefecture) of North western island of Kyushu, in Japan. The term Hizen ware is now often used by collectors.

This beautifully decorative vase and cover dates from the third quarter of the 19th century around the late Edo to early Meiji period (1868-1912) circa 1860. Some collectors may refer to this vase and cover as a temple jar or lidded jar.

The base of the vase is well marked in iron red enamel calligraphy ; 蔵春亭 -Zoshuntei 西畝 - Nishiune 造 - Zo , which we believe translates as Made by Nishiune for the Zoshun (work)shop.

Zoshuntei is an early company name or trademark which was in use between 1842 to 1870 by the company owned by Hisatomi Yojibei Masatsune (1812-1878), one of the first potters in the area of Arita and Mikawachi who was granted, in 1842, an export permit by the 10th and final Daimyō or Lord Nabeshima Naomasa (1814-1871) of Hizen Province. This was also the first time it was allowed to put a signature on pieces exported from Arita, other than Fuku (Happiness) or various copies of Chinese reign marks.

There is some discussion on the internet from various sources regarding reading of 西畝 Nishiune (KUN-reading = native Japanese) with the translatation which the Google translator produces. In the ON-reading (Chinese Japanese) it can also be "Saibo", "Seibo", "Saiho" or "Seiho". Recent views regard it as "Saibo" or "Saiho", one of the artistic names of Hisatomi Yojibei

The mark apparently can be read as Zōshuntei Saibō Signed 蔵春亭 西畝造 or Zoshuntei Saiho.

It is in excellent antique condition. There is some wear to the gilding. The body has no chips cracks nor restoration, there is some crazing to the glaze from manufacture. The lid has a small 3 mm wide chip to the rim, no cracks nor restoration. Please see the images.

This is a highly collectable and very decorative item and great for display on its own as a statement piece or as part of a collection antique Japanese, Oriental porcelain or Imari-yaki.

Free UK postage with this item, International shipping at cost.

Overall Height 14 1/2 inches ( 36.5 cm)
Body Diameter 8 7/8 inches ( 22.5 cm)
Jar Height 10 1/2 inches ( 27.3 cm)
Weight 3320 grammes unpacked 

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