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Burr Walnut Solitaire Game Board with Stone Marbles Antique Victorian 19th C

A solid burr walnut solitaire game board has been made from a beautifully figured piece of wood. This highly decorative and functional antique item has been turned into a flat disc shape with thirty three custom drilled rounded holes to secure each ball and a grooved rim to hold the stone marbles when they are no longer in play. This beautiful piece of antique treen dates from the mid to late 19th century. 

The stone marbles are all black except the white decorative centre ball. As they have been hand carved, they vary slightly in size and shape. Some of the holes for the balls have been drilled very slightly out of line.There is the amount of wear on the base you would expect to see with an antique piece of wood and the board and marbles are in excellent antique condition. Please see the images.

For those few who may not have played solitaire before: The game of Solitaire is most commonly played on a 33 point board (as here) in a cross shape with 32 marbles or markers.The game is set up so that pieces fill every hole except the middle hole. The objective is to remove every piece except one, with the final piece ending up in the centre hole. Solitaire is played by one person and is therefore technically not a game at all, but a puzzle.The first turn can only be made by jumping a piece into the middle hole from one of 4 possible points. The player makes successive capturing moves, removing a single piece each turn until is it impossible to make any more capturing moves. Each turn, the player captures a piece by jumping over that piece orthogonally (not diagonally) from one adjacent point to the vacant adjacent point on the other side. The captured pieces being placed in the grooved ring around the outside.

The board is 7 3/4 inches in diameter and stands approx 3/4 inch high. The board without the marbles weighs 421 g and with the marbles, 622 g. 

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